(727) 522-6566

2911 47th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33714


Administrative Staff

CEO - Dara Eckart
Medical Director - Katie Emerson, DVM
Shelter Director - Mari Salls
Veterinary Technician - Emily Smith
Veterinary Technician - Megan Green
Medical Assistant - Dani Bruno
Community Relations Manager (Events/Volunteers) - Claire Wray
Communications Manager- Holly Clare
Executive Assistant - Sandi Oliva
Adoptions Counselor - Sandra Creech
Foster Coordinator - Vanessa D'Amico

Animal Care and Facilities Staff

Stephanie Kastan
Kase Littlewood
Elaine Tapp
Rachel Tomlinson
Kaylyn Trumbull

Board of Directors

Mo Eppley - President
Barry Rubin - Vice President
Alison Barlow - Secretary
Elizabeth McMurray - Treasurer
Arin Greenwood - Board Member
Bill GromBoard Member