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Puppy Snuggle Break: Fire Station 14

Link and Lorna were shy heading into Pinellas County Fire Station 14 earlier this week, but happily accepted love, treats and pets from the firefighters.

The firefighters talked about what goes into their jobs on a day-to-day basis and that puppy snuggles were just what they needed for a break.... Read more

Published: 09/11/18

Kitten Snuggle Break: Fire Station 12

Friends of Strays headed over to Shore Acres to visit the firemen at St. Petersburg Fire Station 12 today with a handful of kittens!
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Published: 09/04/18

Good 'Burger Awards!

We did it!
Friends of Strays won the Good 'Burger Award for Best Community Conscious: Large! 
We are so grateful for our supporters, staff, volunteers, donors, and adopters who have helped, and continue to help, make Friends of Strays the best it can be! Thank you!... Read more

Published: 09/01/18

Puppy Snuggle Break: Fire Station 13

Little lab puppies, Lacey and Andrew, visited St. Petersburg Fire Recue Station 13 earlier this week. For being such tiny puppies, they had a whole lot of personality and love to give. None of the firemen could resist their puppy breath or the kisses that came with it.
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Published: 08/24/18

Kitten Snuggle Break: Fire Station 11

Sibling kittens, Pablo and Ivy, headed over to St. Petersburg Fire Station 11 to bring snuggles and joy!
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Published: 08/14/18

Clear the Shelters 2018

Friends of Strays is participating in this years' Clear the Shelters event on Saturday, August 18th! All adoptable animals will be fee-waived all day long! From 10-6pm we encourage those looking to add a fuzzy family member to their family to come in, meet our adoptable animals, and help support this nation-wide mission of clearing the shelters!... Read more

Published: 08/09/18

Kitten Snuggle Break: Fire Station 7

Kittens Zeta, Theta, and Epsilon pounced over to St. Petersburg Fire Station 7 for a snuggle break today! These sweet sister kitties loved running around the room, and caused much laughter as they performed arcobatic moves, jumping and swatting at cat toys.
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Published: 08/08/18

Taylor Swift in Creative Loafing

Taylor Swift - the cat - made headlines in our local news source, Creative Loafing. Taylor came in with four other male siblings. They got named after Taylor's ex-boyfriends, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Harry Styles, and Calvin Harris... Read more

Published: 08/06/18

Puppy Snuggle Break: Fire Station 6

Chimichanga and Sarafina brought all levels of cute to today's snuggle break at St. Petersburg Fire Station 6. These pups helped bring love and laughter to this station with their kisses and goofy antics.... Read more

Published: 08/01/18

Puppy Snuggle Break: Fire Station 9

Mischevious Bonnie and Clyde headed over to St. Petersburg Fire Station 9 to share some snuggles. While Bonnie was a little coy, Clyde covered all the bases with playing, snuggles, and kisses for everyone!  
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Published: 07/31/18

Puppy Snuggle Break: Doyle Wealth Management

Little wiggly Porsche headed over to Doyle Wealth Management for a snuggle break. It was hard to tell who enjoyed the visit the most; her or the employees! She captured the hearts of all who were there with her wiggly butt and unlimited kisses.  ... Read more

Published: 07/27/18

The Good 'Burger Awards!

Friends of Strays has been nomintaed for a Good 'Burger Award!
Head over to cast your vote and help FOS win best Community Conscious Large!... Read more

Published: 07/26/18

Animal Feature: Toby and Evan

Feline Feature!
Come in and meet these two handsome boys: Toby and Evan!
These playful and cuddly kitties are waiting for a forever home that will understand that even though they have tested positive for Feline Leukemia, they still have their whole lives ahead of them! Come in and meet Toby and Evan today!

You can find all of our adoptable animals, as well as our Adoption Center hours, on our... Read more

Published: 07/25/18

Puppy Snuggle Break: Fire Station 8

Puppies Theo and Twinkle were brought to Fire Station 8 earlier this week. Theo was more cautious around people while Twinkle was the more adventurous one. Twinkle wanted to play with everyone! Theo enjoyed exploring the station or just relaxing while people watching.
The firefighters were so excited that they spread out on the floor with the puppies. Both of the pups enjoyed playing with eac... Read more

Published: 07/24/18

Kitten Snuggle Break: Great Bay Distributors

Friends of Strays headed over to Great Bay Distributors with a litter of kittens for some snuggles. Read more

Published: 07/23/18

Friends of Strays is Hiring!

Interested in joining our team? Click on the links below to learn more about our available positions!
Part Time Animal Care/Facilities Specialist

Animal Care/Facilities Specialist follows the standard procedures and policies for routine animal care and other related duties at Friends of Strays Animal Shelter (FOS). Animal Care/Facilities Specialists are not limited to the animal care depart... Read more

Published: 07/19/18

Puppy Snuggle Break: Fire Station 7

Friends of Strays headed over to St. Pete Fire Rescue Station 7 with Briddle and Cayde! 
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Published: 07/05/18

US Congressman Stops by Friends of Strays

U.S. Congressman, Charlie Crist, stopped by Friends of Strays today to learn more about our organization and how we are helping to reduce the homeless and abandoned pet population in our community.

The Friends of Strays Board of Directors, Executive Director, and staff had the opportunity to interact with Congressman Crist and share information about our history, current programs, and plans f... Read more

Published: 07/04/18

Kitten Snuggle Break: Fire Station 2

Friends of Strays headed over to St. Pete Fire Rescue Station 2 with a litter of famous kittens! Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Calvin Harris, and Henry Stiles brought many snuggles, and surprisingly little drama to this fire house. 
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Published: 06/27/18

My Past, Present, & Future

I lived on the street, under a porch, in a back yard, in a parking lot.
I was hungry. All the time.
During the day I was hot, hiding in the shade. Hiding from dogs. Hiding from traffic. I searched for food, for scraps, for anything to fill my empty stomach. The pavement was hot on my paws. It burned. My hair began to tangle with burrs. During the night, I was alone. I was cold and scared.
I longed for someone to come find me.
To come save me. Read more

Published: 06/26/18